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Resume Costa Rica Real Estate Transaction Process

Updated: Apr 2

Opening the Door to your New Home and Investment

  1. Formal Offer via Purchase Sale Agreement: Offers are formalized through a Purchase Sale Agreement.

  2. Negotiations: Negotiations occur until a final price is agreed upon.

  3. Formal Purchase-Sale Agreement: A formal agreement is drafted during and or after negotiations.

  4. Deposit: A deposit is required to secure the agreement, usually around 10% of the sale price.

  5. Due Diligence Period: There's typically a 30-day period for legal and physical inspections.

  6. Closing Process: The finalization of the transaction occurs within 45-60 days ask of contract execution..


  1. Escrow and Deposit Handling: In Costa Rica, the agreement isn't binding until the deposit is in escrow, unlike some practices in North America.

  2. International Money Transfers: Transferring money internationally may have different procedures and timelines.

  3. Legal and Procedural Variances: Variations exist in legal requirements and procedural steps, necessitating local professionals familiar with Costa Rican laws.

  4. Timeline Variations: While generally similar, there may be slight procedural and timing differences compared to North American transactions.

Other Considerations:

  • Closing Costs & Real Estate Commission: Costs are negotiable but typically borne by the purchaser but are negotiable, with real estate commissions are customarily paid for by the seller but can be negotiable amongst parties.

  • Property Registration: Properties can be registered in a natural name or through a corporation, both in the Costa Rican National Property Registry and local Municipalities.

  • Property Tax & Luxury Tax Property Registration: Costa Rica has minimal property tax rates and imposes a luxury tax on high-value homes.

  • Real Property Title & Maritime Zone: Property near water bodies has specific regulations, with limitations on non-citizen ownership in concession zones.

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