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Another 14 Year Robust Market Streak Broken Again

Updated: May 6


It's evident that our market has undergone significant shifts since its peak in 2022. While there's still considerable activity, it's more akin to a robust tropical disturbance compared to the hurricane of previous years. Quality properties at reasonable prices continue to attract attention, but the challenge lies in the abundance of overpriced listings, revealing a notable discord between sellers, their agents, and market reality. In response, creativity and clear communication with clients and colleagues are becoming increasingly vital, as evidenced by the gradual reduction in asking prices.

Regarding the influence of global interest rates, despite our cash-centric market, their impact on the overall landscape cannot be dismissed. Governments worldwide have long engaged in unprecedented money printing, rendering the once-fabled 2 percent interest rates a relic of the past. It's essential to acknowledge that era as a fleeting moment, as we transition to a new reality. Those who weathered the high rates of the 1980s understand that consumers adapt, and historical context suggests that current rates are not as extreme as they might seem.

As for current trends, there's a noticeable uptick in demand for eco-friendly and sustainable properties. Buyers increasingly prioritize homes built with environmentally conscious materials and featuring renewable energy sources. This shift reflects a growing awareness of environmental preservation and a desire to reduce carbon footprints. Simultaneously, the luxury property market is expanding, with a focus on high-end amenities and contemporary designs.

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