Tamarindo Costa Rica Real Estate


                                           Tamarindo, Costa Rica Real Estate


 The following is a step-by-step explanation of the purchase of Tamarindo, Costa Real Estate:


1) First and foremost one must start by contacting us at Sol Realty & Investment Consulting and a Costa Rican attorney/notary public whose specialty is Tamarindo real estate and corporate law. At this point we will start the process of filtering through as many properties as it takes to find you the perfect fit. When you arrive there will be a prescreened list of properties ready for you to see with us. Prior to arrival you will have been well versed by your attorney-notary public as to the legalites involved in your purchase. You may even decide to start a CR corporate entity for title holding purposes prior to your arrival here in paradise. Also check into any international tax estate planning with your CPA. 


2) Once an appropriate property has been found and negotiated a preliminary title search will ensue.


3) Next is to execute the purchase contract between the parties. The purchaser's attorney-public notary starts a detailed title search and in depth due diligence process.  


4) Identify the escrow holder for holding and managing all deposits and earnest moneys related to the transaction. Seek an Insurance agent from INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) and start the process of insuring your property once it becomes yours. Also check out utility providers for all your needs. In the case of a condo purchase, start looking for fellow residents for any HOA-management concerns. Should you elect to rent your unit out in your absence, consult at least three qualified property management companies


5) Due diligence should usually last 18 calendar days or so for most transactions. But depending on the complexity of the purchase, a longer period may be desired. Allow sufficient time for the removal of any ´´subject to¨ clauses in the contract as well as a final walk-thru and inspection by the purchaser at least 48 hours prior to the settlement date.


6) Settlement/Close date-This is usually 45 days out as of contract execution and is the most exciting moment of the experience. So just sit back and relax ejoying your new property purchase with us at Sol Realty & Investment Consulting, Playa Tamarindo, Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, Costa Rica.