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Want to help Sell Your House? Get Lost!

What is the best thing you can do during showings of a Tamarindo real property?

Making yourself scarce while either selling of searching for Tamarindo Real Estate.

Ever shopped in a store where the employees clearly work on commission and almost seem to lurk in the background, watching your every move, while you shop?

This scenario doesn't really put you in the buying mood, does it?
It can be uncomfortable exploring a home when you also feel like you’re being watched. Making buyers feel comfortable when looking for a home is absolutely essential. However, sometimes it may be desirable to sit face-to-face with the Seller and the agent (especially in dual agency situations) in order to discuss pertinant items such as price negoations in which the agent simply serves as a guide, letting the Buyer and Seller come to a meeting of the minds. This may not always be desirable, depends on the circumstances, and can even backfire and be extremely counter productive if not handeled correctly. This is where we come in. 

You carefully selected and hired a Tamarindo Real Estate professional at Sol Realty & Investment Consulting to sell your house, or conversely to find you a house, – now is the time to step back and let the professional guide you to a seamless transaction.