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Not all available Tamarindo properties are actively listed and thus not created equal. Most of these are owned by people who really haven't made a decision as to whether they want to sell. This does not necessarily mean that any pariticular owner would not sell if and when an offer were to be presented to him or her. This doesn't particularly mean an offer has to be rich to be of interest to them. What matters most is sincerity and the ability to perform. So if you are a ready, willing and able purchaser of Tamarindo real estate, please come see us as we know who is teetering towards the sell side and who is not, without so much as having their property on the market. In fact we have done our best business transactions in this manner, namely when nobody was expecting it. 

Please contact Mark Price, Sol Realty-Broker-Owner at mark@solrealtycr.com for all the up-to-date and latest information on the very best deals! It will be my pleasure to serve your best interests.