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Tamarindo Real Estate-Tips

How do you make your Tamarindo house your own home?

The answer is different for everyone.

What is universal is that when buying Tamarindo real estate, we’re really adopting a particular lifestyle as well.

That’s what makes buying and selling real estate such a difficult, complicated process... and in the end such an enjoyable, satisfying one.

I can provide insight into every aspect of Tamarindo real estate, but also into the often-overlooked aspect of the transaction: adjusting to your new home.

I’ve provided a few helpful hints and reports that I thought you might find useful.

When you call me to represent you, know that the business aspect of your transaction will be treated with the utmost importance, but that the human element will never be forgotten.

How to avoid the pitfalls of high property management nickel and diming you to death. Preserve your privacy when using AirBnb and others. 

I shall look forward to chatting.

Mark Price, Your Tamarindo Real Estate Broker

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