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Tamarindo Real Estate-Home Improvement in the Tropics

Home improvement and maintenance are quite distinct when compared with those of different climates. Shade and rain cover are crucial elements to consider to be sure. Given that ´´open to the sky´´ outdoor living spaces are poorly understood concepts to most architects, many homes are devoid of of open, outdoor spaces and instead are poorly ventilated and cooled, with many windows directly exposed to the sun, obliging one to use air conditioning.  Outside under roof living spaces are highly underutilized, yet represent the lion´s share of where a tropical Tamarindo home´s occupants and guests will spend the majority of their time. When making home improvements such items are paramount to adding  true value to one´s investment. As a matter of fact, incorporating these and other tips save one plenty of time, energy and money in regards to his or her investment in Tamarindo Real Estate.

Mark Price, CEO Sol Realty & Investment Consulting-Tamarindo Real Estate