Tamarindo-Flamingo Areas Schools

                          Tamarindo-Flamingo Area Schools
  •  CRIA-Costa Rica International Academy-CRIA is a US-accredited private school in Costa Rica offering classes from toddlers to the 12 grade. CRIA strives every day to inspire a passion for learning and provide children with the skills, values, and courage to become responsible leaders in their communities and the world. This international school in Costa Rica is 1 of 10 schools that are US-accredited from the Middle States Association and also offers a plethora of after school programs. It's  diverse student body is highly involved within the community. 
  • ​​​​ EDUCARTE-This institution recognizes that the subjects proposed by the Costa Rica basic education program, according to the MEP, are vital in the academic development of each student; it has developed a comprehensive program with different disciplines to meet needs and abilities of all students and provide them with opportunities to excel in their area of interest. Educarte is a Spanish and English bilingual school.


  • TIDE ACADEMY-This school specializes in one on one personalized education for each of its students, providing flexible education adapted to each student. Tide has recently partnered with the North Atlantic Regional High School in Auburn Maine  NARHS is accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation is recognized both in the United States and internationally, including Costa Rica. MSA is the same international accreditation that several private schools in Costa Rica have. Having this accreditation will help students get into better colleges and universities internationally and it will allow students to attend public and private universities in Costa Rica. Starting this fall all high school students will be able to receive a MSA transcript attending TIDE. 


  • LA PAZ COMMUNITY SCHOOL- As an authorized IB World School, La Paz exposes students to a rigorous and meaningful academic program that is fundamentally rooted in the La Paz Peace Practices and the IB community profile.  Through paradigm challenging intercultural discourse, La Paz Community School students are equipped to fundamentally transform their lives, communities, nations, and eventually the world, into a better place.


  •  GUANACASTE WALDORF SCHOOL- Offering a bilingual Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade education in a natural setting a mere 20 minute drive from Tamarindo, this institution applies the highly esteemed principles of the Waldorf system developed by Rudolf Stein in 1919.