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Purchaser Representation

First and foremost Sol Realty specializes in Buyer representation.  Whether you´re looking for a second home, vacation property, commercial and or retirement enclave for the entire family, Sol Realty & Investment Consulting is here to help you accomplish your goals. The following are a few golden rules in order to make your experience hassle and snag free:

1) Go to a reputable real estate professional specializing in Tamarindo Real Estate and avoid any other types of intermediaries promising you the moon. Please keep in mind that many internationally recognizable real estate brands are not always indicative of the quality to which one is accustomed.

2) Use the services of the competant legal professionals the names of which any good real estate agent will be able to provide you. Remember to ask for the top 3 names of attorneys with whom the agent has worked in the past. Call each attorney, interview him and select.

3) Never use an attorney to negociate and or to do the work of a qualified real estate agent. Legal firms worth their salt do not engage in real estate sales but rather in protecting the interests of either a buyer and or a seller period.

4) Never use a Seller´s attorney when purchasing a property. Use your own to represent your interests.

5) Ask your real estate agent to disclose whether he is a buyer´s agent, a seller´s agent and or if he is performing ´´ dual agency¨. Most will not know the difference. You know then it is time to move on.

6) Remove all emotion from the process and stick to fundamentals.

If you adhere to these six golden rules, you will find yourself with a winning team of professionals ready and able  to help you achieve your dream. Purchasing Costa Rican real property is relatively easy and streamlined but can turn into a nightmare if not handled by experienced professionals. 

So come see us at Sol Realty & Investment Consulting for a free, no nonsense and unbiased view of current market conditions and be sure that we will be the first ones to tell you to walk away and look elsewhere if our instincts dictate such measures. There will always be another deal along the way and Sol Realty & Investment Consulting will be sure to have you purchase at the best price possible.

Best Regards,

Mark Price Broker-Owner-Sol Realty & Investment Consulting