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Mark Price-Broker Owner Sol Realty & Investment Consulting, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica


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Mark was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in a family very well-studied and versed in real estate. His mother started in the industry in the early 1970’s and still is a practicing broker to this day. Mark often recalls growing up with real estate investors and many of his mother’s clients who oftentimes would come over for dinner and becoming close family friends and remain so even to this day. ‘’It’s all about the relationship’’ says Mark in reference to not only to the real estate business, but also about his life philosophy in general. 

After graduating from high school Mark went on to study Political Science and Economics in Paris, France and wound up spending about 10 years of his life there. ‘’I simply loved the culture, food and French mindset, but my major love was the surf I found in the southwest corner of France in a little town called ‘Hossegor’’, a small town just north of Basque Country and hour’s drive south of Bordeaux. ‘’I was almost elected mayor there, the place was simply magic’’, says Mark wearing a wry smile on his face. It was there he met an assistant director from Hollywood whose influence opened up the doors to a 17 year in career as an Assistant Cameraman in Tinzel town.


In 1998, in the midst of that long film career Mark decided to purchase an ocean view property just south of Tamarindo. ‘’It was the most impulsive major purchase I had ever made,’’ quips Mark, ‘’I just put $3,000 cash on the table, said we would close in 60 days, and told the seller to take me surfing!’’ Shortly thereafter Mark met the owners of the Tamarindo Century 21 Franchise who also owned a restaurant on the beach in town and to whom Mark was selling imported wine from California. ‘’ A business relationship started from the get-go’’ says Mark. Not long thereafter they offered Mark a job and the rest was history. ‘’I was hesitant at first to give up my career in Hollywood, but I really wanted to change up my lifestyle and not be stuck in the rat race for the rest of my life’’ relates Mark. Shortly thereafter the attacks on the Twin Towers of 9/11-2001 took place and that was the event that ‘’sealed the deal’’ says Mark. ‘’ He went to work for Century 21, Tamarindo shortly thereafter and went on to win top producer awards from the franchise for the years 2003-2007.

In 2008, Mark decided to go out on his own smack dab in the midst of the Great Financial Crisis and founded Sol Realty & Investment Consulting. ‘’That took some major cohones’’ grins Mark, ‘’ But I knew I could pull it off no matter how tough it could be’’. Sol Realty not only survived the crisis, but also thrived despite the odds and is still doing so to this day. ‘’I’ve kept the operation small in order to provide more specialized and personalized service’’ says Mark. It is his opinion that bigger operations tend to get lost in bureaucracy and infighting between peers, thus service and performance suffer; the big guys can also get overextended and are vulnerable to major market corrections, ‘’ Something we haven’t seen since 2008-2009; it’s not a matter of time it’s just a matter of when the next one happens’’, so best to be nimble, he continues. For these reasons he prefers to keep his brokerage lean and mean and most importantly, the ability to retain the personalized, knowledgeable service and attention to detail that his clientele deserves.


Sol Realty & Investment is a family run business with major networking experience in the Tamarindo area. Mark lives and works with his lovely wife, Attorney-Notary Public Liliana Padilla Grajales, and their daughter, Tiffany; his eldest daughter, Emilia, lives with them part time. ‘’My fortitude emanates from my family, this in and of itself, propels me to success’’, states Mark. For hobbies Mark enjoys surfing, reading, researching economic theory, geopolitics and fine dining. He also speaks fluent Spanish, French and is quite proficient in German.